Best Place For A Luxury Destination Wedding In The USA

If you're dreaming of a destination wedding but are restricted to domestic locations, you actually have a lot more scenic options than you might realize. The East coast and West coast along with some Southern gems offer amazing views, cultural experiences, and top-notch service. If you've still got the travel bug, consider a far-flung honeymoon destination (which is more affordable for a guest list of two rather than two hundred anyway). Check out some of our favorite spots for an "at home" destination wedding celebration.

1. Florida

Florida Wedding Destination

With its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, Florida competes with the Caribbean and Mexico in beach appeal and is likely to be cheaper and easier for your guests to travel to. In addition to sand and surf, it boasts world-famous amusement parks and great access to golf and other outdoor sports. Each Florida location is a unique experience: Head to Palm Beach for a preppy country club-style affair, Miami for an event with an international flavor, and the Keys to soak up a laid-back island vibe.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada


Drive-through chapels, Elvis impersonators as officiants, your first wedded moments spent at a blackjack table—Las Vegas offers all of that, but there’s a whole other side to Sin City. You’ll also find elegant ballrooms, a destination your guests will love and sophisticated, traditional receptions too.


Maine Wedding Destination

The East Coast’s northernmost state is bursting with natural beauty. It has a rugged, winding coastline complete with sheltered coves and wildlife-packed state and national parks. It also boasts lots of charming New England towns filled with antique stores, classic roadside diners, and an impressive selection of art museums and galleries. If you dream of swapping vows in an old-fashioned country church, you’re certain to be able to find one here.

4. Massachusetts

Massachusetts wedding destination
Due to its popularity and prime location, Cape Cod in Massachusetts offers a plethora of resources, from elegant catering to yacht clubs, clambakes, resorts, and gardens. This region can easily play host to small private gatherings, large elegant affairs, and everything in between. The Berkshires is home to several sophisticated, low-key mountain towns and some of the best regional music and theater that the country has to offer.

5. New York City


New York offers something to get every one of your guests giddy with anticipation: Broadway shows, museums and galleries, four-star restaurants, crazy-fun nightlife, block after block of tiny boutiques, and classic tourist attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. When it comes to wedding-planning resources there's no shortage. You'll have innumerable caterers, florists, photographers and bands to choose from. Another of the city's assets is the accessible transportation (think: taxis and the subway).

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