Best Tips for Clean Your Gemstone Jewelry

how to clean jewelry

Many women like to touch the add of color to their wardrobe collection and there is no better way to do so than with gemstone jewelry. By definition, a gemstone is a mining or stone suitable for use in jewelry after having been cut and polished. Available in actually every color imaginable, gemstone can add the perfect compliment to your favorite pieces
of jewelry. Below are five tips to clean for both precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry:

Tips to clean gemstone jewelry
1. Use Soft Brushes - It's the very important tips. Whether gems are difficult, when it comes to cleaning your gemstone, do not use hardships or harsh things. Diamond is the hardest gem, but it does not mean that you can clean it using a hard brush. Use an only soft brush to clean the dust particles from the surface.

2. Baking Soda - Baking Soda is the instant cleaner of course we know, how effective baking soda is in cleaning things. To make a paste, add some water to the baking soda and slowly rub it on your jewelry with the help of a soft brush. Then wash it with the temperature of the normal room and dry with it a lint free cloth. It will leave the surface of the ultra clean and give the best result.

3. Detergent and Water - Fill a bowl with some lukewarm expose and add detergent for it. Seal in the solution of the jewelry for 10 minutes and extract it to clean any residual dirt with a cotton ball.

4. No chemicals for pearls - If you are washing your pearls jewelry never expose it to harsh chemicals. Use only jewelry cleaner, it will clean the pearls without affecting its natural radiance.

5. Glass Cleaner - Regular glass cleaner is the best and simplest way to clean your gemstone jewelry. It simply removes oil and dirt part from the jewelry without doing harm to the natural shine of gemstone

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