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We are specializing in sterling silver and handmade jewelry designs maintain an updated list of the newest products arrivals on their website. And just what is the latest in jewelry trends? According to our retailer's customers, a little tradition and a lot of styles will go a long way if you are looking at today's jewelry designs.

Find for wholesale silver pendants for women? Looking to buy pendants for women in bulk? The has all your pendants needs to be covered. We have a wide collection of sterling silver pendants like a cross pendant, Celtic Knot, Nature Inspired, Lotus, Heart and More. No matter what small and large silver pendants for necklaces you need, you can find them here.

Today, pendant jewelry remains fashionable and can be spotted around the world. When you are looking to save on jewelry and order your silver pendants online in bulk, look on further than Order your pendants today!


Buy 3.19ctw Genuine Labradorite & Solid .925 Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant Online


  • Metal : .925 Sterling Silver (925/1000) 
  • Finish : High Polish with Oxide Finish 
  • Stone : Genuine Labradorite,
  • Stone Size : 6x6mm Round, 8x8mm Round
  • Stone Wt : 3.19 carats 
  • Item Wt : 6.45 gms. (approx)
  • Chain : 18 Inches Chain Included.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler in sterling silver jewelry. This Pendant Necklace (SJHP0032LAB-SS) is made with Solid .925 Sterling Silver (925/1000) and Gemstone embellished in this Pendant Necklace is 100% Natural Labradorite. Gemstone Size is 6x6mm Round and total weight of Gemstone is approximately 3.19 carats. 18 Inches Sterling Silver Chain is included with every Pendant.

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Buy 13.20ctw Genuine Amethyst Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Dangle Earrings


Amethyst on the complements both warm and cool colours so it looks exclusive set in both yellow and white metals. This unique ability means it enhances almost every colour in your wardrobe collection. These Dangle Earrings (SJHE0024ACAB-SS) are made with Solid .925 Sterling Silver (925/1000) and Gemstone embellished in this Dangle Earrings is 100% Natural Amethyst. Gemstone Size is 12x12mm Round and the total weight of Gemstone is approximately 13.20 carats.
As a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and suppliers who have previously sold exclusively to fine jewelry across the country.  Wholesale Gemstone is now able to offer you the opportunity to purchase certified gemstones, engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, stud and hoop earrings in solid 925 sterling silver and silver plated designer jewelry at best wholesale prices, direct from the manufacturer. Our philosophy is to educate you, in order to enhance your experience and help you to make an informed purchase. Our aim is to become your trusted source for buying and caring for the treasures that commemorate the important milestones in your life.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry - The Latest Fashion Trend

Jewelry has been an integral part of a women's wardrobe collection. Even in the medieval era, women wore jewelry made from stone and metal like silver with genuine gemstone. The trends have continued but the style of jewelry has undergone many changes. And the jewelry of the season is again wholesale silver jewellery. It is back in fashion but with vintage-inspired mixed with the contemporaneous.

These are available in a range of forms. Are you searching for wholesale 925 stamped jewelry? Would you like to order in bulk and save up to 20% off? you could not have found a better place to find it then We Silver Jewelry Wholesale. Our prices are absolutely reasonable. We specialize in Handmade and 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. You will find a wide collection of products here in our selection. We have rings, pendants, charms, and earrings in many different designs. Our wholesale silver jewelry products are of the fine quality. We carry items for a variety of themes and events.

wholesale silver rings

Wholesale Rings

Wholesale Jewelry at an incredible price, we are updating our stock with latest designs wholesale rings that reflect the latest fashion trends. By keeping our inventory full of latest fresh items, you can be offering your customers the styles they want in wholesale silver rings and Artisan rings.

Whether you are interested in our wholesale halo rings or are looking for a beautiful collection of wholesale handmade and silver rings, We are confident that you will be glad about the high-quality and selection we offer. We find out the best discount for our customers with all our products, but we also maintain the high standards of quality and gemstone for each item we sell.

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Wholesale Earrings

We are a direct factory wholesale company. Our product is packed full of 925 silver stamped jewellery. One of our best product is earrings. We offer a huge collection of wholesale silver earrings. This means you get high-quality products at best wholesale prices.

Take advantage of the volume discounts on bulk orders. Check out Our Silver Jewelry Wholesale. we have a wide selection of products just for you. We have dangle, hoop, studs and more earrings. We use the fine quality material and genuine gemstone like Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby and more. We also carry handmade earrings too.

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Wholesale Necklaces

Check out our fashion and stylish 925 sterling silver necklaces wholesale products. Get the finest and latest collection of Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Gemstone Necklaces. Sterling Silver earrings and rings also at wholesale.

Shop Sterling Silver Jewelry for all your wholesale necklace needs. We have a unique selection of Necklaces for retailers throughout the world. Whether you are adding to your existing line of necklaces or just getting into reselling, our sale representative can assist you throughout the process. At we only sell to retailers so please create an account to see pricing.

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Wholesale Pendants

We are manufacturer and wholesale sterling silver jewelry from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Wholesale silver pendants at an inexpensive price. We have latest trendy and stylish collection of the wholesale pendant that reflects the latest fashion trends. Whether you are interested in our wholesale 925 sterling silver pendant or are looking for a beautiful collection of wholesale handmade and silver pendants with chain.

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Wholesale Bracelets

Form silver jewelry to charm bracelets, we carry one of the widest collection of wholesale bracelets in the industry. We are confident you will find the perfect trendy fashion jewelry to put in your store. All of our wholesale bracelets, from charm bracelets to bangles, reflect the latest trends in the fashion industry.

You can place your order of a wholesale silver jewelry package by calling us at +91 9829580204 or by using our website online shopping cart. We take great care with every order to make sure it is shipped out within 4-5 days and that it arrives in good condition to its destination. If you have any questions about your order of wholesale sterling silver jewelry, feel free to give us a call. one of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to talk with and answer you questions.

Birthstone by Month or Zodiac Guide - Sterling Silver Birthstone Jewelry


birthstone by month

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of sterling silver & handmade jewelry with birthstone. Custom Sterling Silver Birthstone Jewelry in one of specialties. Presenting a large collection of Sterling Silver Jewelry that can be personalized with a variety of birthstone. Choose jewelry with one birthstone to jewelry with 12 custom birthstones. A collection of silver birthstone pieces, also allow an engraving. Easily find the perfect sterling silver birthstone gift at incredible prices. Delivered in a gift box.

Birthstone Earrings

Represent your birth month with our birthstone designer stud earrings. Earrings with birthstones or birthstone dangle earrings make a personalized gift for any special occasion and can be worn dressed up or down. Browse the perfect birthstone earrings for kids, women or your love once. only matched the brightness of the finest 925 Sterling silver,   this timeless style is sure that you will never take your birthplace earrings.

Birthstone Bracelets

Rana Silver & Arts birthstone bracelets are the latest beautiful design in custom jewelry. Show your birthstone or show to love once. These sterling silver and silver plated birthstone bracelets also make very thoughtful and memorable gifts. Customize even more with a custom birthstone ring to complete the perfect gift set for someone Special. Throw in a pair of stunning birthstone earrings to complete any outfit or present.

Birthstone Necklaces

Birthstone necklaces are a great way to keep your family and loved ones close to your heart. You're special once, grandmother or friend will love to wear one of our custom birthstone pendants. The perfect gift these custom birthstone necklaces will be shipped in 24 hours in a gift box.

Birthstone Rings

Custom birthstone rings, unique rings, or a mothers ring are perfect personalized birthstone rings to send to someone you love. Whether you are looking to personalize a unique birthstone ring or mother rings, our high-quality birthstone rings are the ideal choice. We have a wide collection of sterling silver birthstone rings at best wholesale price. With a variety of customization options, you will create a truly one of a kind birthstone ring for a loved one.

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The 5 Reasons Love Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The silver jewellery and accessories that is available with in Sterling Silver. The designs and collection available on are classic, evergreen and hand-picked in such a way that it creates a fusion between the old and the new generations.

Sterling Silver, of all precious metals, is one of the brightest looking metals. Pure Silver is also known as fine silver is relatively soft to produce jewelry hence it is mixed with other metals to make it strong and durable. 92.5% over along with 7.5% of other alloyed metal is known as sterling silver or 925 sterling silver. Silver as a metal does not have as high a value when compared to gold or platinum, therefore the price of silver jewelry finished product is affected majorly by the craftsmanship involved to create the masterpiece and the perfection required to create an Intricate and a delicate design. There is a 925 stamp on every jewelry piece made in sterling silver which assures you of the accuracy of the silver used.

If you love to wear silver jewelry whether simply for it or to accessories then you need to know the 5 reasons why I love sterling silver jewelry and why you should love it too. I have listed below my reasons. I am sure you will agree and possible be able to think of more of your own comparatively.

Here are 5 reasons why one must possess a fine sterling silver jewelry collection of their own

1) More reasonable than gold or platinum jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry can be easily used for a mix and match with your gold and platinum jewellery unlike other beautiful pieces of jewelry which leave you with no option but to take off any other fine jewelry that you may want to continue wearing.

Sterling Silver Jewelry is reasonably priced in comparison to other precious metal. Rather than deciding between a pair of earrings and a cuff just get both. Sterling Silver jewelry provides that artistic, upscale styling edge that makes it the perfect accessory value for that special occasion.

More affordable than gold or platinum jewelry

2) Lasts Long a Lifetime

Sterling Silver Jewelry offers so huge collection in size and look. Silver is such a fine material to work with and easy to style. It is the best precious metal to go from day to evening.

Sterling Silver is a precious metal that stands the test of time. It can be easily maintained, filed or polished to repair any surface damages that may happen due to rough usage and can look all the newer every time it is cleaned or polished. Wearing your silver jewelry often is the best way to keep it looking bright and sparking. Need we say more!

Lasts a Lifetime

3) Artistry and Design

Since Sterling Silver Jewelry is more affordable, it has made it really easy for the designers like us to create enough amounts of designs and keep the products ready to ship than you waiting for weeks or month to get your find jewelry made in the design of your choice.  The continuously changing style and concepts are easy to cope up with when you are buying something that looks excessive beautiful and allow you pocket to easily freshen up your treasure box whenever needed.


4) Memorable Gifts

Sterling Silver Jewelry makes a beautiful gift and we love the response of family, friends and love once when it is given as a present. It is suitable for young and old. Additionally, there is an endless supply of options to suit every budget and occasion. making inspiration designs it is the perfect conversation piece for any party or just the right gift to create that special memory.


5) Good Friends with your Skin

If you are the kind whose skin is allergic to anything other than gold or platinum, here is a good news for you. The metal silver is friends with skin hence it cuts down any chance of allergy to your ears or skin.


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Elegant and Finest Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale

wholesale sterling silver jewelry

Nowadays, jewelry has become an integral part of dressing up. As the fashion jewelry is expensive so every section of the people cannot afford it. The solution to this problem is to buy jewelry from the wholesale jewelry dealers. We are dealing in sterling silver jewelry wholesale at best unbeatable price. If you are buying the jewelry at right time one can save money. We are providing the same jewelry pieces cheaper as compared to the other jewelry retailers. You can purchase a variety of jewelry accessories with the stylish and modern look.

Wholesale jewellery includes earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets, charms, fancy pins and brooches, and much more. Finest jewelry of gold, diamond, silver turquoise, polished stone, rubies looks awesome on the people of all the ages. Especially young generation looks beautiful in fancy jewelry designs. is Jewelry and Accessories Wholesaler that carries top quality fashion styles accessories. We are located in Jaipur, India, specializing in import and export products. We pride ourselves in carrying the best quality wholesale jewelry and accessories. We are proud to bring the customers amazing assortment products. The products include an assortment of wholesale earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, and much more.

We offer a variety of jewelry and accessory styles. Whatever the customers are looking for, we probably carry them. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends and styles. We update on a daily bases with new styles and items. Our professional web team is dedicated to keeping the website running and constantly making updates.

9.35ctw Genuine Larimar .925 Sterling Silver Handmade Dangle Earrings (SJHE0010LAR-SS)

Elegant Genuine Larimar Gemstone Earrings made with Pure 925 Sterling Silver, Nickel Free Silver. Fine Quality Materia. Shop online sterling silver earrings at, an online shop for best sterling silver gemstone jewelry at best wholesale price.

0.85ctw Genuine Emerald & Solid .925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring (SJR1027EMR)

Gorgeous, elegant, and unique, the impressive genuine emerald rings in made solid sterling silver with Gemstone Size is 2mm Round and the total weight of Gemstone is 0.85 carats. Browse our wide collection of birthstone rings. Enjoy free shipping and easy return.

35.33ctw Genuine Labradorite & Solid .925 Sterling Silver Necklace (SJHN0058LAB-SS)

This handmade Labradorite Sterling Silver Choker Necklace was designed and crafted with love and healing energy. Shop for Genuine Labradorite Sterling Silver Necklace SJHN0058LAB-SS at, an online shop for best wholesale price.

Gemstones Jewelry at a cheapest wholesale price. Jewelry is an integral part of fashion. If you are looking trendy wholesale jewellery visit and check out a discounted range of wholesale sterling silver jewellery.

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