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Find the finest and latest collection of wholesale sterling silver jewelryhandmade wholesale jewelry, and Swarovski jewelry from sterlingsilverjewelry.tv. Based in  India, USA, SterlingSilverJewelry is your wholesale source and factory-direct supplier for all your wholesale silver jewellery needs including sterling silver rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and much more.


Being in wholesale sterling silver jewellery for over 10 years, SterlingSilverJewelry.tv has grown as the leading Sterling Silver Wholesaler with insisted on good quality, wide selection, and best wholesale price.


One of the best sources of wholesale sterling silver jewelry is SterlingSilverJewelry.tv. SterlingSilverJewelry.tv is your factory direct supplier and sterling silver jewelry wholesaler for all latest silver jewellery needs.


Generally speaking, jewellery style originates from well known. global renowned and highly experienced jewelry designers, fashion magazines and celebrities promoting these trendiest designs. To be the sterling silver jewelry wholesaler, we pay careful attention to these trends and are quick to offer them to you, our clients.


Due to wholesale prices of sterling silver with genuine gemstone settings, compared to gold and diamonds, these silver jewelry are not only desired due to their hottest trends but also make it inexpensive for the masses.


At SterlingSilverJewelry.tv we combine all the best and latest designs in jewellery with incredible prices for young and old, be it men and women.


Amongst our vast categories of jewelry selection, we offer...


Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry, Handmade Silver Jewelry, Swarovski Jewelry and many more categories of discounted silver jewelry.


Check out our frequently asked questions for more information or simply contact us.


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Elegance to Your Look with These Precious Gemstones

Genuine Ruby Gemstone Jewelry

The Most Beautiful Precious Gemstone-Ruby

Of all precious gemstone, the most precious gemstone is Ruby. For all distinctive qualities, it is called "king of all gemstones" Its vibrant red color symbolized love and passion. It can also be a wonderful gift for your loved once when properly embedded in jewelry form. There is various type of jewelry like as earrings, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants in which Ruby can be embedded. Ruby is the birthstone of the July, which means that the people born in July should use ruby for good fortune. The belongs to the corundum family of minerals. The red form of corundum minerals is called ruby and everyone is called Sapphire. Ruby's red color is due to chromium content in the mineral. Its hardness is very good. In terms of hardness, It is the second hardest mineral after diamond.

Genuine yellow sapphire gemstone jewelry

Precious Gemstone - Yellow and Blue Sapphires

Yellow Sapphire is known as Jupiter gems because this planet is ruled by Jupiter. It is beautiful yellow color and has been embedded in various forms of jewelry. The person who wears yellow sapphire receives good luck and problems are really solved. It is believed that if the girl is not married then she is advised to wear yellow sapphire for a problem related to marriage. This brings both the peace and prosperity in the life of the wearer. If you want to know that you have a real yellow sapphire than just follow these steps: Put gemstone in the milk for a one day and if the color of gemstone cannot change, then it means that yellow sapphire gemstone is a real one.

Genuine Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

The blue sapphire is ruled by the Saturn planet on the planet hence is called Saturn planet. In all the gemstone, Blue Sapphire wear is known for immediate effect. If suitable then it can be very beneficial for the wearer. It is blue gemstone which according to the type of blue sapphire various according to dark color.

Genuine Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

Emerald Precious Gemstone

It is the green variety of the Beryl family of minerals. It is rarely available in the market. The best variety of emerald comes in dark green colored. Colombia is a place where we have good quality emerald gemstone. It is used the strengthen relations, especially in love affairs. So gift you have one or better half ring which is embedded with Emerald Gemstone. People with heart problems should use emerald with proper consultation.

Genuine Pearl Gemstone Jewelry

Precious gemstone occurring naturally - Pearl

Pearl is another gorgeous gemstone which is widely used in making jewelry. Pearls are found naturally in fresh water. Most women are seen with pearl jewelry. Pearl gemstone is ruled by the moon. It should be worn by those who are mentally disturbed or have memory problems. It is used to get relief from trouble life.

At SterlingSilverJewelry.tv you will find a beautiful selection of genuine gemstone sterling silver jewelry. We take a great pleasure in providing the best jewelry selection in genuine gemstone sterling silver jewelry within the new selection of genuine sterling silver with gemstone added to the seasonally. We hope you will choose the genuine gemstone sterling silver and continue to make sterlingsilverjewelry.tv you own destination with sterling silver with gemstone and all your jewelry needs.

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Sterling Silver Wedding Jewelry - Gift for Love and Special Day

sterling silver rings

We thinking about marriage, this think will sometime turn into a wedding jewellery. Sterling Silver Jewelry always is the best gift for giving to a bride for her wedding day. Silver Jewelry have usually involved a necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and much more. There are also wedding ornaments for bridesmaids. All type of jewelry associated with gemstone. There are many different gemstones that can be used in wedding jewelry like as Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst and more for the female wedding party. There are also cheap semi-precious and metal wedding jewelry.

You don't need to spend a fortune to look good on your wedding day. To say this kind of gemstone jewelry is a great way to say "I care". The classic look and elegance ceremony of this jewelry will end log. Many gifts of the gemstone are given before the big day, so to add a classic to the wedding dress .Since these gemstones are colorful, they go with any outfit and add beauty to the wedding dress. The gift of the gemstone is a symbol of love and purity, so he is perfect for any celebration.

sterling silver bracelets

Everything from the earrings to the bracelets, the gemstone of the necklaces and a jewelry of hair can be a gemstone in hair. That's why they are perfect for gifts for the wedding party. Other items as far as silver gemstone wedding jewelry include earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Silver Jewelry does not have to be expensive. Remember that genuine gemstone is the most expensive, semi-precious is less expensive, and Synthetic gemstones are the least expensive of the three. Exclusive Genuine Gemstone combines the bride's beauty instead of outshining her bride on her special day.

These make perfect gifts for the bridesmaids and queen girl. Sterling Silver Gemstone wedding jewelry can come in sets of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and earrings, or that can be bought separately. No type of jewelry has been given, gifts will always be appreciated by the recipient. Since the ruby gemstone has stood for love and purity, it is no wonder why this is a popular gift for a big party. The gemstone looking bride and her wedding party will add beauty to both. There are many different items, which can be selected on silver ornaments and on occasion, the gemstone is either green or red color.

sterling silver jewelry

Mostly a silver wedding jewelry piece will be used, but normally the gemstone is either Ruby, Emerald or Amethyst colored. So if you are thinking about giving gifts to someone in a wedding party, then silver jewelry is the best way to go. They will be appreciated by the recipient and will be able to pass on to any other generation. Find out more silver jewelry at SterlingSilverJewelry.tv

SterlingSilverJewelry.tv is leading 925 sterling silver jewelry and extensive handmade jewelry, Affordable collection of earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and much more!

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How to Buy Exclusive Sterling Silver Jewelry Wholesale | Fine Silver Jewelry


Are you trying to start an online jewelry store or retail store and need to know more about buying sterling silver jewelry wholesale? This article is purchasing you for wholesale silver jewelry for your resale business, what you need to suggest.

You can take some more general principle of this article and apply them to buy other types of wholesale jewelry that you should do.


Know About Your Silver

Before buying you should understand all the aspects of the quality of silver which you are buying.

Wholesale Silver Jewelry of good quality can be inscribed on any of the following marks on it: 925, Sterling, Sterling Silver, Ster 925 indicates that the item you are looking at is made up of at least 92.5% silver. The balance of the mixture will be an alloy metal. Sterling Silver always has a .925 stamp 92.5 avoid silver jewelry without a stamp. Any item should be plated silver, as it should be labeled.

Find the best wholesale jewelry supplier If you are new to the jewelry business, finding the right supplier is important to ensure your success. Use the following guidelines while search potential wholesale jewelry suppliers.



Will this important order come? What will quality be what you expected or what your customer expected? Choose a supplier who will send your order, which has the same quality and stability of the samples you reviewed. A quality supplier will get there order immediately and maintain good communication. Unexpected things are especially important when popping up.


Quality Product Images

Your supplier should provide you professional looking, high-resolution images of the product that you buy for resale. If you have to take your photos then it will use some time to get professional photos of all products.


More Experience and Knowledge

A wholesale supplier who has been in business for many years has gained much experience in his business. They will place the right relationship with the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the product and will master their own business.

Your supplier should be a source of good product knowledge and should be a similar to consumer trends. Their employees should be knowledgeable about product, design, and product of your product.

Ask them what their best seller are and what they are stocking on.


Inventory and Logistics

Jewelry sales like fashion sales are sometimes subject to rapidly changing consumer fad. For this reason, it is important that your supplier will be able to impose you immediately so that you and not give up on any sales opportunities.

Your supplier should take in-demand products and should take adequate amount to manage their needs adequately, even if they are necessary. or especially if they are necessary.

If you should suddenly realize that you are out of stock any demanding item, will your supplier enable your reconstruction order the same day? What shipping options do they offer? Your supplier of choice should provide several transportation options and be flexible in meeting any urgent request.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of Sterling Silver & Silver Plated Jewelry, silver jewellery of all types at incredible prices. We use Genuine Gemstones like Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Much More! We have huge collection of the 925 sterling silver jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces and Much More!

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3 Places to buy "Beautiful" Silver Jewelry Without Going to The Market!

Sterling Silver Jewelry Looks beautiful and will always be a great choice when it comes to any functions. But if you like us, want to shift focus and give a gorgeous uplift to your functions, with jewelry that is an affordable price, then silver jewelry would be perfect. Initially originated from the traditional silver handmade jewelry patterns used in outfits, the technique uses a fine silver materials, which can be encrusted with pearls, beads, genuine gemstone. So if you are yet to shop for your function jewelry, then you need to head to one of these 3 online stores!



  1. SterlingSilverJewelry.tv
  2. Sterling Silver Jewelry, 3 Places To Buy Sterling Silver Jewellery for Your Functions | StelringSilverJewelry.tv, Silver Jewellery

Whether you are looking for Stud, Dangle Earrings to go with your wedding lehenga or simple silver necklaces with fun on it, SterlingSilverJewelry.tv is the place to be. We use the natural genuine gemstone with fine materials. Their 'Silver Collection' will have you spoilt for choice!


  1. Gourik.com
  2. Silver Jewellery, 3 Places to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry For Your Functions | SterlingSilverJewelry.tv, Silver Jewellery If you are looking for a cheap jewelry store that stocks high-quality silver jewelry, then handmade with happiness would be an ideal choice. From silver bracelet to dangle earrings and event cocktail rings, you surely wouldn't mind being happily lost in this store.



  1. Silver Jewelry By Glimmering.tv,

Glimmering.tv Jaipur based silver jewelry art has become a sort of an establishment for not only silver fashion but handmade jewelry too Event though the company is well known for all things jewelry, it is the beautiful fashion silver jewelry that is a hit amongst brides to be.

How gorgeous are these silver hoop earrings! Head on their Glimmering.tv Site to buy colorful and unique silver jewelry.

SterlingSilverJewelry.tv, we have a huge collection of Fashion Silver Jewelry & handmade jewelry online like as Earrings, Rings, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces and Much More! We use Natural Genuine Gemstone such as Ruby, Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, and More!

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How to Increase sales on Handmade Jewelry with Wholesale Jewelry on Christmas | SterlingSilverJewelry.tv

The best time of Christmas year is to sell handmade jewelry and unique gifts. It is time to increase the sale handmade earrings and handmade bracelets to take advantage of time for an artisan of handmade jewellery.

There are many local shows at Christmas time, where you can display your handcrafted jewelry. Art and craft shows are a great way to increase your jewelry sale. Try to book many shows are possible in your area. Driving 2 or 3 hours is generally acceptable. Keeping close to home, curriculum costs will be reduced and profit margin will increase.


Shopping mall had established a kiosk for the artisan to sell their handmade jewelry and unique gifts for Christmas season to sell your handmade earrings and handmade bracelets. It's always good to book your place soon to get the best place possible. Most shopping malls have jewelry stores as permanent tenants, so this is a good idea for a series of unique gifts items because management can put a limit on the quality of jewelry displayed in your kiosk.

Holidays are the best time to sell your handmade earrings and handmade bracelets. This is a great advertising for the rest of the year, as well be sure to include your card with every purchase. Explaining about gift cards, how to make your handmade jewelry, adds a nice touch and gives a gift to the receiver also know about your handcrafted jewelry technique and contact information that they want to later organize pieces of matching.


Another suggestion for increasing sales is to purchase various styles to handmade jewellery from wholesale jewelry suppliers that would complement handcrafted jewelry in your hand. Creating enough stock for the busy holiday season take time and stress. The sale will also increase with a wide variety of handmade earrings and handmade bracelets because for kiosks will attract more people with varied tastes. Many handmade jewelry wholesalers also offer handmade gifts as well as to add variety to their kiosk display

Do not forget to include unique gifts for men like as earrings, bracelets, rings and more. A more comprehensive range of unique gifts you provide, more people attract you to your handmade jewelry kiosk.

SterlingSilverJewelry.tv making handmade jewelry and unique gifts since 2001. Our handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces and handmade bracelets, handmade rings are carefully designed and handcrafted especially for you. We started our business in silver jewelry and handmade wholesale jewelry and the internet. We have built a successful business and hope to inspire others to reach their goals.

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Get the Best Deals on Wholesale Jewelry

fashion sterling silver handmade jewellery

To start searching for affordable price and products in wholesale silver jewellery, customers can see on the internet, where silver manufacturers promote their products. You can also get lots of distributors that also advertise on the internet. This is a great place for customers to discover the latest fashion trends and also to find out what jewelry pieces are available all over the world. Many marketers on the internet can also provide special discounts for shopping online. Therefore, they may be a good time to apply for a resale account with one of these manufacturers and designers. However, some online distributors may be more expensive than the actual purchase directly from the actual location, so be sure to check price limit, charges and cost comparison and spend some time.

A great opportunity to see the most up to date silver pieces to check the heavy jewelry in the entire market, which visits big metropolitan cities every year. During these shows, distributors and designer display their business of retailers for a few days. Distributors visit the city that hosts the show and often, you will find special or at most of the show that can be purchase great discounts. A customer of bulk silver jewelry will enjoy the ability to see through countless marketers and just price compare and choose, all in one place probably only in a few days. Distributors generally show display or simple products on substantial saving after showing. A potential buyer can choose to Inquire about show, show deals during the show, and arrange any item they want to buy.

discount wholesale silver jewelry

Wholesalers investing arenas is evenly cut off as retailers market. This is true for almost all industry; However, this is especially true for the sterling silver jewelry industry. The good news for merchants who sell jewelry is that discounted price and cheap deals available with all heavy competition are available. There are several ways make the most of the competition and the following expert recommendations can help people looking for wholesale silver jewelry to get the best discount available.

Keeping in mind the many jewelry stores online today, it can be quite challenging whatever you choose the best quality jewellery at the most affordable price. The good thing is that in places like direct selling jewelry online store, really the best quality jewelry and most the reasonable deals are offered. But of Course, they do not offer only those who offer these but there are much other online jewelry stores who are well reputable to trust.

wholesale gemstone silver jewellery

In Summary, Customers who are interested investing in wholesale silver jewellery should master the in and out of the gemstone silver jewelry marketplace and be able to target only the best deals. If you are in dilemma, where you should start the pieces high-quality jewelry, you may be want to start at a local jewelry shop near you or you can shop at the comfort of your home by searching on the internet and logging into direct sales jewellery online stones.

Great style and fashion are what sterling silver like SterlingSilverJewelry.tv is all about. Check out hard-to-resist discounted pieces of jewelry at Direct sales jewelry online.

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